17 November 2017
We are pleased to add the service story of Anne Bailey, a WRNS officer from 1969 to 1986. Mike & John.

16 November 2017
We are pleased to announce the availability of the RNIOA site for mobiles and tablets. Mike & John.

04 October 2017
We are pleased to add the service story of Tony Mann and announce that he has accepted our invitation to become Honorary Chaplain of the RNIOA. Mike & John.

02 October 2017
The history page has been updated to include RN children's schools, and two associated images of Malta kindly donated by Martin Powell are in the gallery. Mike & John.

27 September 2017
We are pleased to have added the service story of Keith Henley. More are in the pipeline. Mike & John.

14 September 2017
We are grateful to Keith Henley for donating two images for our picture gallery. Mike & John.

11 September 2017
We have corrected the rank image to include Rear Admiral on the home page. Mike & John.

10 September 2017
We welcome any schoolie-related images that you might have (with copyright) to put on our gallery. Please use the contacts page for information on how to send them. Thanks! Mike & John.
09 September 2017
We've received some suggestions for minor edits/typos and we would welcome more! Mike & John.

09 September 2017
Following the announcement of the creation of our website by ARNO, we have been contacted by several ex IOs who are personal friends. We look forward to receiving more service stories soon! Mike & John.

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