Welcome to the RNIOA website, which has been compiled with the aim of commemorating the experiences and achievements of those who served in the Royal Navy’s Instructor Officer (Schoolie) Branch, which no longer exists as a single entity.

With a decreasing number of ships in the 1990s, more meaningful shore jobs for engineers and supply officers were needed. As a result our former branch was disbanded in 1996 and those serving as Instructor Officers at that time were transferred into other branches of the Royal Navy. A full and comprehensive account of the work of Schoolies through the prism of their students, prior to the IO branch being axed, is provided in the ‘history’ section.
The aim of our website is to provide an educational resource for former Instructor Officers and the general public concerning teaching in the Royal Navy. As such we would welcome contact from former Royal Navy Instructor Officers, and they are warmly invited to send us their stories (see the ‘Service Stories’ page). We have made every effort to make this process as secure as possible.

We are self-funding and give freely of our time so we do not ask for donations. Our association, as yet, does not have membership or hold AGMs. All decisions on the running of the RNIOA are currently made by its two co-founders. If those submitting stories wish to show appreciation for our work however, they can donate a modest amount to the Royal Naval Officers' Charity (RNOC).

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