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#1 02/08/2018 RNIO Lt John Nixon A Gondola Ride Down Memory Lane – Malta, 2018 
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[1] I visited Malta in the 1980s and my predominant memory is that a full English breakfast was available on every street corner! The videos of Bulwark in Grand Harbour are impressive - must be really nostalgic for those like John who were actually there during their service time. Mike Rose. 02/08/2018.

#2 03/08/2018 RNIO Lt Cdr Mike Rose Creating the RNIOA website 
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[1] A really informative blog on the advantages (and pleasure) of doing things from first principles. Being lazy, I use Microsoft Expression Web 4 but it's a blessing, as editor of RNIOA, to be free to suggest anything, such as: "Mike, can you take 10 images from the gallery and make them fade in and out with a 4 second delay on the home page?" In absolutely no time at all, that’s precisely what happens! John Nixon. 03/08/2018.

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