We, the two co-founders, are retired RN Instructor officers who worked together at HMS Sultan from 1987 to 1989. We have remained in contact since leaving the Royal Navy and are both members of the University of York alumni.

On learning about the demise of the Instructor Officer branch in 1996, we combined our skills and experience to create this site, with Michael Rose as web designer and John Nixon as editor.

Since publishing the RNIOA site in July 2017 we have received a wealth of new information about the Instructor Officer branch, and the varied work of Schoolies as described or recorded in the 'History', 'Service Stories' and 'Links' pages. We wish to form and cultivate bridges between our association, its contributors, and others interested in documenting teaching and learning in the Royal Navy over the centuries. Of significance in this regard are 'Not Just Chalk and Talk' (CD) and Naval Education History, produced by former Schoolies.

We are very pleased that a fellow Schoolie, Tony Mann, has joined our team as Honorary Chaplain (October 2017). As an ordained priest, he will provide pastoral advice when needed and also write a short piece each year for our RNIOA e-Christmas card. We also have an external advisory panel, made up of former senior Schoolies, who contribute ideas to the RNIOA website.

John Nixon

John Nixon. After he left the Navy in 1992 as an Instructor Lieutenant, he gained a PhD in economics and then worked as a Research Fellow in Health Economics and lecturer at the University of York. Since retiring in 2014 he now does community work and writes/publishes family and military history books.

Mike Rose

Michael Rose. After leaving the service in 1997 as an Instructor Lieutenant Commander, he worked in various software and insurance companies as a database administrator (Oracle) in California, and then Brazil. As he enjoyed the Brazilian lifestyle, he married and started a family there. He now works as an English teacher and web designer.

Tony Mann

Tony Mann left the Navy in 1982 as an Instructor Lieutenant Commander. In 1988 after studying theology he graduated with a Certificate in Religious Education from St. John's College, Nottingham. This led to his ordination in 1989, when the Engineering Department of Stow College in Glasgow gave him a great deal of support for his new mission within the priesthood.

Please refer to the "Service Stories" page for details of our careers as RNIOs.